“White Diamond” White & Platinum Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn for Horse or Pony – Made to Order

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Select either size category or exact measurement below. If you select a size category, we will estimate as the fit is slightly adjustable. However, we recommend measuring your pony with the headstall you intend to use with the horn and selecting a measurement to ensure a more accurate fit. See the product description for more information.

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For your reference, the pony in our photos is 11.1 hands wearing a 9″ horn.

Attachment Type *

Non-Detachable = More Secure
Detachable = More Convenient and flexible attachment options
Choose “Detachable” for attaching to halter rings

Extra Loop for Browband

For added stability if you will be using the horn with a bridle

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This white horn with pale silver accent is a good choice for horses or ponies with bright white coats or bright white markings.

This horn can be made in any size from Miniature Horse, to Shetland, Welsh Pony, Standard Horse, or large horse size.

The Unicorn Horn Preferred by Professional Photographers

Our Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is our most popular horn and preferred by photographers looking for a realistic appearance without compromising the safety of their subjects, who are mostly children. In the words of one of our photographer customers, “These girls think he is a ‘real’ unicorn.”

Child-Safe Horn

Our Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is designed to be safe for use around children and will bring you years of enjoyment if you take good care of it.

About the Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™

Designed especially for still photography, the Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ comes with discreet straps which are invisible in most photographs.

NOTE: While many customers successfully use this horn for costume class, pony parties, etc., please note that it is intended for horses standing still for photos or walking slowly;  it is not recommended for athletic riding or horses/ponies who bob their heads strongly when walking. We recommend choosing a Unicorn Browband™ for such situations.

Options and Measurements

For best results, please observe the following instructions and recommendations.

  • Attachment Type
    • Detachable Loops – For extra convenience, which allows you to put on and remove your horn without unbuckling your bridle. This option also allows you to attach your horn to halter rings, which can improve the positioning of the horn on the horse’s head.
    • Non-Detachable Loops – Requires unbuckling of the halter or bridle to attach.
  • Extra Loop for Browband – For added stability, an extra loop below the horn to go around the browband. Note: This is not necessary if using with a halter without a browband.
  • Browband Size – For best results, measure across your horse/pony’s forehead with the headstall you plan to use with the horn and select a measurement instead of a size category. NOTE: Halters will often require a larger browband size than bridles. Choosing a size category that is too small for your horse/pony may shorten the life of your horn as it will cause undue stress on the attachments.