Safety Plume Holder for Bridles and Halters – Brown

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Unlike carriage plume holders made with hard protruding metal parts, our safety plume holders are designed especially for riding with flexible parts. Should a horse or pony throw its head into the rider’s face or if a rider is thrown forward in an accident, the plume holder will bend or give way on impact. Flexible plume holders are also a good idea for miniature horses in harness in case they raise their heads suddenly while someone is standing over them.

Made of brown faux leather, this plume holder easily fastens onto your halters and bridles without requiring you to punch any holes in your tack. This item comes with three ostrich feathers in the color of your choice, which can be easily removed and replaced your own plume arrangements.

Safety Note: This plume holder may not be used with feather arrangements containing hard metal rods which are not safe for riding horses. When selecting your own ostrich feathers, keep in mind that thinner quills that will bend easily (and less likely to splinter) on impact are safer and recommended for ponies ridden by children.