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Renaissance Emblem Browband, Rein Covers & Saddle Blanket Set for Horse or Pony – Custom Colors & Sizes

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USD $209.99

One of our most popular sets available in over a dozen color combinations and emblems

Please make sure you read the full product description (below) before ordering

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This is a beautiful set for a young king, queen, prince or princess and horse or pony who wish to stand out in a parade, show or competition.

This set comes with the following features:

  • An array of regal colors:
    • Red
    • Royal Blue
    • Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Purple
    • Black
    • Candy Pink
    • Lavender
    • Midnight Blue
    • Brown
  • New! Choice of alternating/secondary colors for your rein covers and emblems:
    • Yellow Gold
    • Gold
    • Antique Gold
    • Ivory
    • White
    • Champagne
  • Saddle Blanket
    • A beautiful fleece blanket trimmed with brush fringe and emblem in your alternating color on both sides
    • Beautiful gold brush fringe around the entire perimeter of the saddle pad
    • Choice of 3 sizes
  • Rein Barding
    • 1 set of crushed Panne velvet Medieval style rein covers
    • Length options: 16”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32” or 36”. Pick a length that will not cover the area where hands grip reins.
    • Simply slip reins through the channel which is around 1.5 ” high
  • Browband
    • Luxurious cushed Panne Velvet Browband with an emblem to match the saddle blanket
    • Browband length can be customized to pony or horse size between 12 to 17”
    • Optional velcro closure loops instead of stitched loops for easier dressing without need to disassemble the bridle

Also great for Halloween, parties and other equestrian events.

Before You Order: Measure your Horse/Pony/Mini

For your own safety and successful use of your Unicorn Browband™, you need to order a browband in the correct size for your horse, pony, or mini. A Unicorn Browband™ that is too tight will annoy your horse and affect the function of your bridle. A unicorn browband that is too loose cannot stay upright and may even slide down over your horse or pony’s eyes which is very unsafe.

There are two easy way to determine your horse’s correct browband size:

  1. Measure a browband from a bridle that you know fits your horse perfectly, or
  2. Measure across your horse’s forehead while he/she is wearing the bridle you intend to use with the Unicorn Browband™.

Do not just order the largest size available to avoid measuring. If you put a horse-sized browband on a pony or a pony sized one on a mini, you will end up with a horn that tips over onto the face, which is not only unattractive but dangerous but can easily be avoided by taking a few minutes to determine the size you need.

On Fringe and Trims

As manufacturers frequently discontinue trims after one design sells out, please note that trims on saddle blankets and browbands may not always be identical as pictured. However, they will not be so different as to alter the overall effect of the costume.

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