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Medieval Style Horse Barding Rein Covers – 300+ Color Combos

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USD $59.99

Please make sure you read the full product description (below) before ordering

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Custom set of Medieval style horse rein barding in the form of rein covers made of beautiful crushed Panne velvet fabric available in an array of colors and color combinations. Simply slip your reins through the channels (measuring approximately 1.5″ in width) and you’re ready to go.

Array of sizes available from 16″ to 36″

Please select your barding length from the drop-down menu. Available in single or alternating colors. If just want one color, select “No Alternating Color” for the 2nd Color Option.

Please note: Unicorn Horn and Chest & Rump Barding are sold separately.

Optional Extras:

  • Shiny brass jingle bells can be added to the point of each dag; select your desired options below.
  • Optional ties to fasten front of barding to bit rings.
  • Matching Custom Chest Barding and Rump Barding are also available.

Measuring for Barding Length/Size

  • Rein Barding (This Listing): Select a length that will not interfere with grip on the reins. For safety reasons, we recommend not covering portions of the reins you need to grip, and when necessary, push barding forward to get better grip on the reins.
  • Chest Barding: Measure from center of chest to points where you plan to attach (d-rings, billets, cinch ring, etc.)
  • Rump Barding: Measure accross the rump as far as you want your barding to hang on both sides.

Safety Advisory: For Jumping & Athletic Riding

  • Make sure rein covers are shorter than the shortest length needed for your activity
  • Select “Add Ties to Bit Rings” option to prevent rein covers from sliding during activity