9″ “White Diamond” White & Platinum Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn – Miniature Horse, Pony or Cob – Ready to Ship (Detachable Loops)

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A white unicorn horn with a platinum (pale silver) accent, this horn will complement all colors of horses and ponies, especially those with white coats or markings.

This horn is 9″ tall and sized for a Miniature Horse, Pony, or Cob/Small Horse with a browband size up to 15″.

This item comes with our “Detachable Loops” feature which allows you to put the horn on your horse without unbuckling the bridle.


About the Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™

The Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ was originally designed for photography and pony rides not requiring heavy activity. The horn comes with discreet straps which are invisible in most photographs. If you want a browband (with color choices), please order a Unicorn Browband™.

The Unicorn Horn Preferred by Professional Photographers

Our Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is our most popular horn and preferred by photographers looking for a realistic appearance without compromising the safety of their subjects, who are mostly children. In the words of one of our photographer customers, “These girls think he is a ‘real’ unicorn.”

Child-Safe Horn

Our Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is designed to be safe for use around children and will bring you years of enjoyment if you take good care of it.

Pre-Made and Ready to Ship

If you need this horn in a different color or size, visit our Custom Unicorn Horn Category to design your own.