9-Inch “Daydream” Pastel Rainbow Lavender Accent Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ for Miniature Horse, Pony, Cob or Small Horse – Ready to Ship

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This is a pre-made, ready-to-ship pastel rainbow Unicorn horn measuring 9″ tall and suitable for a mini, pony, cob, or small horse with a browband size up to 15″. This horn comes with Detachable Loops which allow for more flexible methods and points of attachment.

As if unicorns aren’t magical enough, now you can have one with a beautiful rainbow horn! This custom unicorn horn has a spectrum of pastel colors delicately blended along the entire length. Designed to look tasteful on white and pale colored horses, this lovely horn is sure to impress wherever you take your unicorn.

For darker horses, we recommend that you choose a Twilight Unicorn horn to better match coat color.

This listing is for a Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ intended for photography and light activity. For active riding or horses with restless heads, choose a Rainbow Unicorn Browband™ instead.

Note: Headstall, butterfly, and hair extensions not included.

About the Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™

The Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ was originally designed for photography and pony rides not requiring heavy activity. The horn comes with discreet straps which are invisible in most photographs. If you want a browband (with color choices), please order a Unicorn Browband™.

The Unicorn Horn Preferred by Professional Photographers

Our Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is our most popular horn and preferred by photographers looking for a realistic appearance without compromising the safety of their subjects, who are mostly children. In the words of one of our photographer customers, “These girls think he is a ‘real’ unicorn.”

Child-Safe Horn

Our Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is designed to be safe for use around children and will bring you years of enjoyment if you take good care of it.

Pre-Made and Ready to Ship

If you need this horn in a different color or size, visit our Custom Unicorn Horn Category to design your own.