Does your little knight or prince need a steed in shining armor?

If Wishes Were Ponies™ makes high quality costume armor for horses and ponies from unique patterns produced in our own studio and available nowhere else. Our armor is made from soft material that is safe for use around children and is so shiny that it looks like real metal.

Perfect for costumed events, pony rides, and fantasy or medieval themed photo shoots. All parts are custom made and sold separately so you can assemble the perfect armor for your favorite steed.

WishPony Medieval Horse Armour Costume for Horses & PoniesWishPony Medieval Knight's Steed Costume Armour for PoniesWishPony Medieval Style Armour Costume for Horses PoniesWishPony-Medieval-Horse-Armour-Costume-for-Horses-Ponies-Front-1350x900
Note: Unless the product listing title states “Full Set”, all listings are for individual components (Criniere, Coupiere, Chamfron, etc.) ONLY

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