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Summer Break Notice

We are taking our annual summer break from sewing in order to prepare for the Halloween order season, which is our busiest time of the year. We have not gone out of business and are just taking a much needed break to attend to our personal duties, re-organize our sewing studio, and spend some quality time with our pets who are very patient when we are busy with orders.

We will also be giving our website a long-overdue software and design update and listing some pre-made items that can be purchased while we are on break. We may list them here or on Etsy, so check back here for a link when the items have been photographed, listed, and ready for purchase.

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We will be back to taking regular orders after Labor Day 2015. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Unicorn Horns

Making Unicorn dreams a reality since 2005

Add a little myth and magic to your life. Turn your horse into a unicorn!

Natural-Look unicorn hornWishPony.com Unicorn Horn Browband for Horses and PoniesWe are the original designer and maker of the Unicorn Browband™ and are constantly developing and improving our designs. Over these years, several imitators have cropped up around the internet. Many of these Unicorn horn makers have no experience with horses and tack. We grew up around horses and have made it our business to understand equine physiology and behavior and equestrian equipment.

Unlike sloppy, cheap, awkward, or dangerous Sculpey horns offered by our imitators, WishPony.com's unicorn horns are designed with full considerations for safety, practicality and elegance. You will also find more secure and subtle horn attachment methods with our products. Our Unicorn Browbands are fully reinforced and have been used safely for athletics and jumping.

Build your own Unicorn Horn or Browband

Choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, settings and styles for your custom unicorn horn. Our ornamented browbands with trims and jewels are ideal for a regal turnout, medieval warhorse costume, or carousel horses. A minimalist browband may be chosen to match your bridle or the color of your horse and is very elegant with a single jewel or cord trim. For a just-out-of-the-grove effect, choose our Natural-Look unicorn horn with clear straps.

Make your unicorn even more magical by accessorizing with a pair of Pegasus, fairy, or dragon wings. No child or adult will ever forget a unicorn encounter!

Our unicorn horns and browbands have been used for pony parties, costume classes, parades, films, marriage proposals, and more. There are pony party businesses who are still using Unicorn horns made by us 7 years ago.

No glue or wires are needed to use any of our Unicorn Horns.

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