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Unicorn Browband™ Unicorn Horn Costume for Horses and Ponies *Custom*

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Update: There is a newer version of this product!

Contoured Unicorn Browband™ with realistic 3-dimensional spiral taper

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Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn for Horses and PoniesContoured vs. Classic Horn

Turn your horse into a Unicorn with our original Unicorn Horn Browband™ for horses and ponies. First invented in 2005, we have continuously refined and developed this design for the best appearance, practicality and usability. This lightweight quality felt browband is reinforced for durability and professionally stitched with no flimsy or floppy edges.

The Unicorn Browband™ looks best when it is tailored to your horse or pony's size and worn without your bridle's browband so we recommend removing your browband, but we offer a Velcro closure option that allows you to put on your Unicorn Browband™ in under 30 seconds.

Don't be fooled by imitation Unicorn browbands

We debuted the first ever Unicorn Browband™ in 2005 and have continuously developed and improved it over the past decade. While the competition's Unicorn "browband" is just a strip of fabric, WishPony.com's Unicorn Browband™ is a fully reinforced and professionally stitiched for appearnce and durability. Well cared for, your Wishpony Unicorn Browband™ will bring you years of enjoyment.

Our Unicorn Browbands™ have been used for parades, shows, parties, and jumping.

For your safety, please measure your horse or pony's current browband to and from the ends of the loops.

Safe for use around children


Horns are available in the following colors:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver

On Horn Size

Throughout history, Unicorns have been depicted by artists in a variety of styles because everyone has their own idea of what is "realistic". If you don't know what size horn to order, we recommend holding up a ruler -- slowly and carefully so as not to spook your horse -- against its head to see what height is suitable for the size/breadth of its head, its height, and your idea of what is realistic and aesthetic.

Go Minimal or Regal

For a minimalist look, choose a browband color to match your horse's tack or coloring with no jewels or trims.

For a decadent turnout, build your browband to your heart's content by adding jewels and brush fringe to match your costume.

Want more colors?

This felt browband is a relatively lightweight browband available in 8 colors. For a heavier browband or more color options, please see our Deluxe Panne Velvet Unicorn Browband which is available in 24 lustrous colors that shines beautifully in light.

New! Fringe to match your Darling Steed Barding Set

Darling Steed is a new series of barding and faux armor designed especially for ponies and miniature horses (though we make larger sizes available for those who desire it). They are a lightweight barding inspired by Medieval artworks and Victorian Era carousel horses, and are suitable for princesses, knights and circus-themed events.

The Darling Steed barding pieces are trimmed with a lightweight brush fringe which comes in several colors. You can now add the matching brush fringe to your Unicorn Browband in order to create a uniform ensemble.
Darling Steed Scalloped Barding 4-Pc Set: Rein Covers, Breastplate, Rump Breeching & Browband or Chamfron *Custom* Darling Steed Inverted Scallop Barding 4-Pc Set: Rein Covers, Breastplate, Rump Breeching & Browband/Chamfron *Custom* Darling Steed Classic Barding 4-Pc Set: Rein Covers, Breastplate, Rump Breeching & Browband or Chamfron *Custom*

Click to See Darling Steed Fringe Colors

On Sizing

Horn height is really a matter of taste. Unicorns have been depicted with a variety of horn sizes throughout history, so you should select a horn size that you personally think is realistic. It is our personal opinion that small horns are cute, but larger horns are more impressives. If you cannot decide, try holding a ruler (slowly and carefully) against your horse's head to see which heigh best suits its head size.

We recommend the following minimum sizes for best results. When in doubt, taller is better than too short.

  • Miniature Horse: 5.5" and up
  • Small Pony: 7" and up
  • Pony: 9" and up
  • Horse: 12" and up
  • Large Horse: 15" and up
  • Draft Horse: 18"
Below is an approximate guide for browband lengths, but not a guarantee of fit as all horses are different. For best results, we recommend that you measure your horse or your current browband (from ends of loops).
  • Miniature/Small Pony: 12" - 13"
  • Large Pony/Cob: 14" - 15"
  • Horse: 15" - 16"
  • Large Horse: 17"
Care Instructions

Custom Service Time

This is a custom item with a Standard Service time of approximately 5 business days. If you need your item faster, Expedited Service is available at additional cost (select from Service Options below). Please refer to the Expedited Service page for details.

Which Unicorn Horn is best for me and my horse?

** Comparison chart of our 5 types of Unicorn horns and browbands **

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