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Realistic Reindeer Antlers for Horses and Ponies – Custom

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Antler Size *

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Antler Color *

Antler Base Color *

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Attachment Options *

Plastic coated wire = More convenient, Clear straps = More discreet

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Product Description

Please read the entire product description. Almost all questions we receive about antlers can be answered by reading this page.

Pricing depends on your selections of size, color and other features. To see the cost, please select the options you want and click the “Add to Cart” button. The shopping cart will calculate and display the cost.

Please Note that these antlers are extremely time-consuming to make; therefore, we can only accept a limited quantity of orders in any given season. Please plan ahead and order early.

WishPony.com now has a new and improved repertoire of incredibly realistic reindeer antlers for your horse or pony available for custom order. Our reindeer antlers attach easily to both halters and bridles and come in a range of custom colors, styles and sizes.

Each pair of antlers is meticulously hand-sculpted and shaped from wool dyed in our own studio, and slightly unique so whether you dress one horse or a team of horses, everyone will know your antlers didn’t come out of a factory.

Perfect for Christmas, Epiphany, winter rides, Halloween, parties and photos. Antlers are soft and lightweight, making them safe for both horses and people. Suitable for use with horses under saddle or in harness.

If you are planning a special holiday ensemble add Wishpony Horse Barding, a Saddle Blanket, Santa Hat, floral wreath, and more.

Regarding choice of antler size, color and position

Antler size is really a matter of taste, as deer shed and regrow antlers every year and adult deer can be seen with both small and large antlers. However, for better visibility, we recommend at least a Medium size on larger horses. Antler color also varies from deer to deer so simply choose the color which goes best with your horse’s appearance or of the color theme of your costume.

If you will be driving horses hitched side by side or riding in a crowded environment, we recommend that you order a moderately sized Fore-and-Aft pair of antlers to avoid rubbing against another horse, which may damage antlers.

Measurements Needed

For fit and stability, please obtain the following measurements for your order:

  • Browband — Measure across brow to and from lower edges of cheekpieces.
  • Browband to Crownpiece — Measure vertically from center of the lower edge of browband to center of back edge of crowpiece. Estimate for halter without a browband.

Current Available Custom Options

Sizes and Positions

Dimensions are approximate as antler branches are slightly adjustable

  • Small Fore-and-Aft: 6″ (height) x 7″ (width)
  • Small Side-to-Side: 6″ x 12″
  • Medium Fore-and-Aft: 8″ x 10″
  • Medium Side-to-Side: 8″ x 14″


The wool is hand-dyed in our studio.

  • Ivory
  • Brown

Antler Base Colors (Choose color closest to horse)

  • Ivory
  • Brown

Antler Styles

  • Rounded
  • Pointed

Attachment Options

Note: For very active riding (running, jumping, etc.), choose Plastic Coated Wire or Leather Browband.

  • Plastic Coated Wire — More convenient and stable, simply wrap around halter or bridle. Has been used for jumping.
  • Clear Straps — More discrete but may not be as stable for larger antlers, need to unbuckle bridle or halter to slide straps on
  • New – Leather browband — More stable and recommended if you will be running or jumping. but requires an accurate browband measurement. Available in Black or Brown. If you need a different color, please contact us to inquire.

Additional Options

  • Attachable Red Velvet Santa Hat with soft marabou trim

On Shipping Time

These antlers are custom made according to your many selections. See the last option before “Add to Cart” for current custom service times. Actual shipping time (after we finish making the antlers) depends on your selections: Priority Mail usually takes 2-4 business days (but not guaranteed by USPS), Express Mail usually takes 2 business days (guaranteed by USPS).