Black Leather Unicorn Show Browband™ with Tall Dark Gold Horn – 15″ Cob/Small Horse Size

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This is a tall, elegant gold horn standing 16″ tall mounted on a conservative black leather browband measuring 15″.

Item Specs:

  • Browband Color: Black
  • Browband Size: 15″
  • Horn Color: Dark Gold
  • Horn Size: 15″

Unicorn Horns FAQs

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How do I measure my horse’s browband size?

Ordering the correct browband size is important for your costume to look good, especially if you are ordering a browband.

Measure your horse for the headstall you intend to use with the costume. The browband size may differ between halters and bridles depending on the slant of your halter’s crownpiece.

WishPony browbands are measured from loop to loop. The easiest way to find out if a browband is your horse’s size is to measure a browband that already fits him/her.

Alternatively, put the halter or bridle you intend to use with the Unicorn Browband™ on the horse and measure to and from the lower edges of the crownpiece.

NOTE: If you wish to fasten your browband to halter rings, select the “Velcro Loops” option when ordering a custom browband.

Natural-Look Unicorn Horns™ do not require a precise browband measurement; however, if you are ordering for an especially big or small horse/pony, we highly recommend selecting a browband measurement when ordering.

Which Unicorn Horns are safe for use around Children? specializes in soft unicorn horns that are safe for children and other people to pet or ride your unicorn horse or pony. With the exception of Rigid Horns designed exclusively for profesional adult equestrians, all our products are safe for use by children or on ponies who interact with children.

Here is a complete list of our Child-Safe Unicorn Products:

However, it is your responsibility to order the right size, put on the product correctly, always supervise children and horses, and follow all standard safety rules. A soft horn does not change the normal risks assumed when working or playing with horses and ponies.

Is the bridle included with the Unicorn Horn?

No, listings for Unicorn horns are for one (1) horn. Headstalls (bridle or halter) used in conjunction with the horn in photos are NOT included with the horn.

Are the flowers and/or butterflies included with the Unicorn horn?

No, listings for unicorn horns are for the horn only. Flowers and butterflies are sold separately.

Click here to order our new Friendly Butterflies.

What’s the Difference Between a Natural-Look Unicorn Horn and a Unicorn Browband™?

The Unicorn Browband™ is a Unicorn horn that comes on a browband in your choice of color and material. A Unicorn Browband™ is the most stable unicorn horn and suitable for active use such as trotting, cantering, galloping, jumping, rearing, etc.

The Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ comes on discreet straps to appear as if the horn grows out from your horse’s forehead. A full forelock helps to perfect the illusion. The Natural Look Unicorn Horn™ is intended only for calm activity such as photography, parades, walking, and pony rides.

If your horse or pony tends to bob or shake its head when walking, a Unicorn Browband™ may also be better suited for it. Choose a browband color that matches your bridle or halter for the most realistic appearance.

Is there a browband on a Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™?

No. As the name suggests, the Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is intended to look natural and therefore comes with discreet attachments instead of a browband.

Should I order a Classic, Contoured & Baroque Unicorn Horn?

We are constantly developing our designs and now offer 3 styles of Unicorn Horns for horses and ponies.

  • The Classic Unicorn Horn™ is a more economical options for the casual user. The Classic is a conservative and simple horn style resembling depictions of Unicorns in early art and medieval tapestries.
  • The Contoured Unicorn Horn™ is a more realistic and romantic 3-dimensional horn resembling a spiraled seashell. We recommend that all professional photographers order a Contoured horn due to its more artistic and attractive shape.
  • The Baroque Unicorn™, while it can be worn by any breed, was designed for robust horses and ponies or those with large heads – e.g. Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Andalusian, Lusitano, Highland Pony, Percheron, and any muscular or stout horse/pony.

Wishpony Unicorn Horns

Which Unicorn horn product should I buy?

We make several different styles of Unicorn products for varying purposes.

The Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is our most popular product as it comes with discreet attachments that make it look as as if the Unicorn horn grows out of the horse or pony’s forehead. This product is the top choice for pony parties and professional photographers as well as parents buying horns for costume classes and birthday parties. Please note that this product is intended for light activity such as standing still for portraits or slow walking. If you plan to run or jump, then please purchase a Unicron Browband™. If your horse or pony bobs its head quite vigorously when walking briskly or has a tendency to shake its head a lot, we recommend going with a Unicorn Browband™.

The Unicorn Browband™ was our original Unicorn product first launched in 2005. Unicorn Browbands can be made in a number of colors to match your horse’s coloring, bridle, or your costume, depending on the look you wish to achieve. If you wish for the browband to be as discreet as possible, we recommend ordering a Unicorn Browband™ that matches the color of your halter or bridle.

The Unbridled Unicorn Horn™ was also designed for photography without a halter or bridle. This item attaches to the horse or pony’s forelock using a discreet hair clip. Please note that this item is intended for use with the horse standing still for a photo, and not for riding, doing tricks, or anything athletic.

I am a photographer. Which Unicorn horn should I order?

Our Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ does not come on a browband but instead has thinner straps designed for a “natural” appearance. The Natural-Look  attachments are virtually invisible on a light colored horse and barely visible dark horses viewed from a distance. The Unbridled Unicorn Horn™ was also designed for photography as the attachments are invisible.

If photographing horses performing athletic activity (running, jumping, rearing), you should use the more stable The Unicorn Browband™.

For professional photography and portraits, we highly recommend ordering a Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™.

What Color Horn and/or Browband Should I Order?

We offer many colors of horns and browbands (if applicable) so you can personalize your Unicorn Horn to suit your horse’s coloring or personality, match your tack or costume, or just to be different.

You might think some of the unicorn horn colors we offer are outlandish and “un-unicorn-like”, but no one can say what color horns “real” unicorns are supposed to. As children, we loved playing with and watching My Little Ponies, which had a big influence on our horse craziness and started us on this career of costuming for horses and ponies (you can read more on our About Us page) and we therefore offer horns in all colors of the rainbow as tribute to our childhood playmates.

Whether you are dressing your horse or pony as a My Little Pony or as a “real” unicorn, below are some recommendations on color choices for the effect you are trying to achieve with your Unicorn horns for horses and ponies.

For the Most Natural and Realistic Unicorn Appearance

Horn Color

If you want your Unicorn to look as realistic as possible, choose a horn color that complements your horse’s coloring. Below are a few examples:

  • Ivory Horn – This is the most natural color for all colors of horses
  • Champagne/Pale Gold – Good for white, ivory, cream, and other gold-toned horses  – e.g. Cremello, Palomino, Bucksin, Dun, etc.
  • Gold Horn – A classic look that will look good on pretty much any horse.
  • Yellow Gold Horn – Good for white and yellow-toned shades of coats.
  • Dark/Antique Gold – Good for white, yellow-toned, and brown horses.
  • Pink/Dusty Rose Horn – Good for pale horses including white, cream, and gray, especially those with visible pink skin.
  • Sky Blue Horn – Good for white and gray horses and ponies.
  • Purple Horn – Good for white, gray, and black horses.
  • Brown Horn – Good for dark brown horses, especially if they do not have white markings
  • Silver/Gray Horn – Good for white and gray horses or horses with a lot of gray points
  • Black Horn – For black horses or dark horses with black points or visible dark skin on the muzzle/ears.

Tip: If using colorful horns, you can accessorize your horse with mane extensions and ribbons to add more color to balance out your ensemble.

Browband Color

If ordering a Unicorn Browband™ instead of a Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™, we recommend ordering a browband color closest to your halter or bridle color. We offer an array of colors to match the many nylon halter and bridle colors popular in the market.

Some customers like to order a browband to match the horse’s coat, but a browband loop that doesn’t match your bridle/halter makes the effect very costumey. When your unicorn browband is the same color as your horse’s tack (and the horn matches your horse’s coat/markings) it looks as if you procured a special browband with a hole to accommodate your unicorn’s own horn.


What size should I order?

Due to the wide range of sizes from Miniature to draft horses, you will need to measure your horse or pony to determine the correct size to order.

If you need a browband measurement, please measure the browband from a bridle that fits your horse/pony to and from the ends of the loops.

If ordering for use with a halter, please measure across the horse/pony’s forehead to and from the lower edge of the crownpiece.

If you do not have access to the animal, please consider asking its owner for the measurements. If they cannot help you, we may be able to help you determine the correct item or size to order if you can provide us breed and/or height information.

The Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ is adjustable in fit, so it is a good choice when you don’t know the horse or pony’s size.

On Horn Sizing

Horn height is really a matter of taste. Unicorns have been depicted with a variety of horn sizes throughout history, so you should select a horn size that you personally think is realistic. It is our personal opinion that small horns are cute, but larger horns are more impressives. If you cannot decide, try holding a ruler (slowly and carefully) against your horse’s head to see which heigh best suits its head size.

We recommend the following minimum horn sizes for best results. When in doubt, taller is better than too short.

  • Miniature Horse: 5.5″ and up
  • Small Pony: 7″ and up
  • Pony: 9″ and up
  • Horse: 12″ and up
  • Large Horse: 15″ and up
  • Draft Horse: 18″ (available only with Unicorn Browband)

For professional photography, we recommend going at least one size up to make sure the horn is visible in photos:

  • Miniature Horse: 7″ or taller
  • Small Pony: 9″ or taller
  • Large Pony: 12″ or taller
  • Horse: 15″

Browband Sizes

Following are average browband sizes for various horse types. While Natural-Look Unicorn Horns™ can be adjusted a couple of inches, we do recommend that you measure your horse or pony or its current browband to ensure best possible fit.

  • Miniature Horse – Small Pony: 12 in.
  • Pony: 13 in.
  • Large pony: 14 in.
  • Cob or Small Horse: 15 in.
  • Average Horse: 16 in.
  • Large Horse: 17 in.
  • Draft Horse: 18 – 22 in.

Can I use a Unicorn horn on a foal?

We have had a few inquiries about Unicorn Horns for newborn foals. Please note that a foal must be halter broken to wear a unicorn horn. We do not recommend putting costumes on young foals unless they can be calmly led and restrained with a halter and have completely docile personalities. If you think your foal may be spooked or upset by the experience, wait until it has more training and experience before dressing up as a unicorn.

If you are ordering a Unicorn horn for a foal or immature horse, always order a child-safe Unicorn horn such as the Contoured Natural-Look Unicorn Horn™ and never order a rigid horn as you cannot predict how a green horse may behave.


Before You Order: Measure your Horse/Pony/Mini

For your own safety and successful use of your Unicorn Browband™, you need to order a browband in the correct size for your horse, pony, or mini. A Unicorn Browband™ that is too tight will annoy your horse and affect the function of your bridle. A unicorn browband that is too loose cannot stay upright and may even slide down over your horse or pony’s eyes which is very unsafe.

There are two easy way to determine your horse’s correct browband size:

  1. Measure a browband from a bridle that you know fits your horse perfectly, or
  2. Measure across your horse’s forehead while he/she is wearing the bridle you intend to use with the Unicorn Browband™.

Do not just order the largest size available to avoid measuring. If you put a horse-sized browband on a pony or a pony sized one on a mini, you will end up with a horn that tips over onto the face, which is not only unattractive but dangerous but can easily be avoided by taking a few minutes to determine the size you need.

Why Leather?

Since we started making Unicorn horns in 2005, we have received many requests for resin (plastic) horns because people think it is more realistic or durable. We do not like to make plastic horns as it is generally dangerous to put a hard, solid horn on the head a 400-2,000-lb. animal. As for durability, a plastic object is as likely to break in a serious accident as leather and may splinter into dangerous shards which can harm both people and horses. Should a horse be involved in a collision, there is also a risk of a resin horn being driven backwards into the horses forehead or eyes. No matter how docile a horse or pony is, it can still spook or get involved in an accident.

While leather is not completely soft, it is much softer than plastic. Should a horse fall or collide with an object, person, or another horse, a leather horn is incapable of impaling a horse or human and will bend under relatively little pressure. You should also choose a leather unicorn horn over a resin one if participating in activities where you have a high risk of being thrown over your horse’s head (e.g. jumping or running downhill) or if you plan to ride in a group or take your unicorn into public places.

Safety Advisories

While a leather horn may not impale a person or animal, precautions still need to be taken to ensure the safety of all people and animals affected by your use of a unicorn horn.

  • Leather horns and browbands are intended for moderately experienced equestrians.
  • Leather horns are not recommended for use by pony parties or inexperienced equestrians. We recommend purchasing one of our other softer horns instead.
  • Depending on the horse/pony’s size, your horn size, and person’s height, the tip of the horn may be at face- or eye-level when the animal’s head is in its normal resting position. Take this into consideration when buying a horn and choose a horn height that you feel will be safest for your situation.
  • A leather horn can still cause injury by a direct poke in the eye, so you must instruct others to keep their faces a safe distance from the horse/pony’s face.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain your leather browband as you would any other leather tack and equipment.
  • Never tie your horse or leave it unattended when wearing a unicorn horn as the horn can be damaged by a horse rubbing or bumping its head into objects, tie rails, and cross-tie ropes.
  • You are solely responsible for the safety of all animals and people associated with your use of this product.

FedEx Shipping Only

Each leather Unicorn Browband™ takes several days to craft by hand and will therefore be shipped via FedEx instead of the postal service, so please make sure you provide an address deliverable by FedEx. If you are not offered FedEx options on the checkout page, please check first that your address is a FedEx eligible address and feel free to contact us for assistance. Some orders may require a signature depending upon the order value and/or address type. After you receive your shipping notification, we recommend checking the tracking page on the FedEx website to see your estimated delivery date and if a signature will be required so you can plan ahead.

A Note on Photos & Handmade Items

Every attempt is made to describe and depict items accurately, but due to the individuality of handcrafted items, no two items are identical. Listing photos for a particular design (e.g. color combinations and trims) may be used for more items of the same design; however, there may be slight variations in the item shipped due to the fact that each browband is hand-cut, -stitched, and -finished on a one-by-one basis.

Please note that dye lots can vary slightly from item to item, and your device’s screen brightness/contrast/saturation/warmth/”Eye Comfort” settings may also cause colors to appear different from the actual color of the item.

Please also note that browband-to-horn proportions may differ slightly from photo to item as photos represent particular design schemes and not necessarily sizes. The same photo(s) of a particular design may be made to fit different sizes of horses and ponies with varying horn heights and browband lengths, so please make sure you read all item specs rather than just relying on photos to determine the actual size of the item you are purchasing.