The Original Maker of the Unicorn Browband™

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Welcome to the Equestrian section of Franga Equestrian and Pet Boutique! Here you can find an assortment of unique costumes and accessories for your horse or pony - be it Miniature Horse, small or large pony, Cob, Warmblood or draft horse. Our designs are often used in horse shows, costume classes, parades, jousting shows, parties and other special events.

Our most popular orginal design is the Franga Designs Unicorn Browband, which is available here in various styles and colors, ready-made and custom. We also offer original and custom Medieval style bardings or caparison, Heraldry saddle blankets in Cotton Velvet, Crushed Panne Velvet and Fleece.

Feel free to contact us at any time in regards to custom designing something special just for you with your choice of materials, colors, style, and personal emblems.

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