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Our Etsy Unicorn Shop is Still Open!

If you still need a custom Unicorn Horn in August, we are accepting a few orders for Unicorn Horns on Etsy

Custom Order Vacation Notice (August 2014)

Pre-Made items will continue to ship out in 1-2 business days. We will be adding more pre-made items shortly.

We are taking a break from sewing in the month of August in order to recharge and prepare for Halloween which (for us) begins in September. Any custom orders* placed now will begin processing after Labor Day.
* A custom item is any product for which you choose custom options - size, colors, trims, emblems, etc. Click on the Custom Service Options just before the "Add to Cart" button to see estimated ship dates.

** If you receive 2 order confirmations, disregard the duplicate. You will not be charged twice. **

Bridle Plumes

Franga Designs Ostrich Plume Browband for Horses and Ponies

Ostrich plumes are a classic look that is both fashionable and nostalgic. Now you can easily put plumes on your horse with our custom velour browbands. Custom options include one, two, or three plumes, browband color, and optional apliqued emblems. Our plumed browbands are suitable for both stately and festive occasions and goes well with our velvet horse barding.

Included in this category are custom items with the option to add plumes to the browband or chamfron.

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