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As the holiday season approaches, many of our customers are seeking Christmas themed costumes for their horses and ponies to wear for family Christmas photos, parades, sleigh rides, costume classes, or parties. offers several products which can be worn alone or together to make a classic or unique Christmas outfit for your horse or pony. To help you on your way to a splendid Holiday turnout, here are a few suggestions.

Reindeer Antlers for Horses and Ponies

Reindeer Antler Costume for Horses and Ponies

Nothing says “Santa Clause” more clearly than the presence of reindeer. Our extraordinarily life-like antlers come in many sizes and colors to suit any horse or occasion. Wear it to ride, lead, or drive your horse or pony. You can even dress up your “reindeer” with a Santa Hat or Horse Barding in holiday hues.

Custom Horse Barding

Christmas Horse Barding Rein, Chest and Rump Caparisons SET *Custom*Victorian Christmas Velvet Barding Set: Rein Covers, Breastplate, Rump Caparison, Browband and/or Santa Hat *Custom*

Whether you choose our new Victorian Christmas Horse Barding, Darling Steed Barding or our Original Franga Designs Panne-Velvet Horse Barding, you can order your custom sets in Christmas colors such as Red, Green  and White. For those who prefer more somber shades, Midnight blue, Hunter Green and Burgundy are very suitable for Christmas, especially when worn with accents of white or ivory. Add jingle bells to make certain your presence is noted!

Custom Saddle Blankets

Christmas Saddle Blanket/Pad for Horses and Ponies

Our custom saddle blankets come in a variety of colors and options including emblems and trims. Create a Holiday Saddle Blanket simply by selecting a Christmas-y color and optional festive emblem.

Feather Wings

Feather Pegasus Costume Wings for Ponies and Small Horses *Custom Colors and Positions*

Let your pony be one of this year’s Christmas Angels! The Christmas season draws out a lot of angels to kneel at mangers, sing, or just to perch on top of trees. Our Real Feather Pegasus Wings will give your four-legged angels the power of imaginary flight. To stand out even more, consider black wings for a dark angel or create a chimera such as a winged reindeer!

Christmas Unicorns

Natural-Look Unicorn Horn for Horses and Ponies *Custom*

The unicorn is a mythical superstar that has even made his way into Christmas through books and television. Because Christmas is a time for childish wishes, and many children wish desperately to see a unicorn, a unicorn horse or pony will be welcome at any holiday gathering. offers you many options in customizing a Unicorn Horn or Unicorn Browband to suit your idea of Christmas. You can even accessorize your unicorn with wings and/or Christmas barding.

Polar Bear Hug Rugs

Shaggy Faux Fur White Polar or Brown Teddy Bear Saddle Blanket / Pad *CUSTOM*

Polar bears are Santa’s fuzzy neighbors! Keep your horse cozy during winter rides with our polar bear Saddle Rugs. Everyone will enjoy seeing this furry bear peering over your horse’s rump with his button eyes.

Floral Wreaths

Horse Floral Pastern (Leg) Corsage 1 Pair Various Colors/Styles *Custom*

You may order floral wreathes in Christmas colors for yourself or your horse’s browband, noseband, tail, or fetlocks. Wreaths look great alone or with unicorn horns, wings, and other accessories.

Organza Fairy Wings

Lacewing Fairy Wings for Ponies and Miniature Horses *Custom Colors, Sizes and Shapes*

Glittery fairy wings in lavender will make your pony the Sugar Plum Fairy. White wings with silver veins could make her a Snow Fairy, or even a Snowflake. Choose pale delicate colors to be in harmony with quiet snowy days or rich tones to make a Medieval Christmas.


Regal Panne Velvet Coronet (Crown) Browband for Horses and Ponies *Custom*

For those who hail from a tradition of wearing crowns at Christmas, you can include your horse or pony in the celebrations with a crown of his/her very own. Choose from 3 different styles, with or without jewels.


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