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Summer Break Notice

We are taking our annual summer break from sewing in order to prepare for the Halloween order season, which is our busiest time of the year. We have not gone out of business and are just taking a much needed break to attend to our personal duties, re-organize our sewing studio, and spend some quality time with our pets who are very patient when we are busy with orders.

We will also be giving our website a long-overdue software and design update and listing some pre-made items that can be purchased while we are on break. We may list them here or on Etsy, so check back here for a link when the items have been photographed, listed, and ready for purchase.

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We will be back to taking regular orders after Labor Day 2015. Apologies for any inconvenience.

About If Wishes Were Ponies

Founded in 2005, If Wishes Were Ponies is a family business based in Southern California (about 100 miles north of Los Angeles.) All of our products are original designs, individually and meticulously handmade, and professionally stitched. We are constantly improving our designs and modifying our patterns to make our costumes attractive, practical -- and most importantly -- safe, as many of our end users are children. Franga Designs Barding for Horses

Unicorn Horn for HorseWe are the inventor of the Unicorn Browband™ and the soft Unicorn horn that is safe for use around children. Over the years, we have continually improved our technique and expanded our selection of Unicorn Horns so every horse and pony could become a Unicorn with minimal effort and without awkward or sloppy attachments. As pony ride parties and carriage rental companies comprise a good part of our customer base, our products aim to fulfill the deepest wishes of childhood and create long-lasting memories.

Our Unicorn Horns have been used in parades, costume classes, birthday parties, and Devon Horse Show, as have our Ostrich Plume Browbands which have been used in the entertainment industry including Disney Hollywood Studios.

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Our unique designs and innovative techniques are the result of many years of study in the fine arts and direct experience with many species of animals (from mice to horses and nearly everything in between). It is our goal to use our knowledge of animal physiology and behavior to bring you products which are as safe and attractive as possible.

Many of our costumes have won prizes in costume contests and parades around the country. We are always happy to hear about your successful adventures with our costumes, so don't be shy if you have happy news to share. We also love to add to our customer gallery photos of your pets wearing our designs and will reward you with a 10% discount coupon for sending us your pictures.

How We Operate

Each item we sell is handmade over a period of hours or days and we frequently work late into (or through) the night to complete expedited orders. There are only two of us doing all the work — designing, creating, website maintenance, photography, graphic design, customer service and shipping.

Why Everything is Custom

We started out in 2005 with pre-made items, but customers always inevitably wanted the same thing in a different size, color, material, trim, etc. If you visit our site multiple times over a period of months or a year, you may see some pre-made items still available after all this time. This is because despite the ready-to-ship status, most people would rather design their own horse's costume either to match his coloring, looks and personality, or to match their own costume.

By making our items custom, we can offer a larger variety and selection for you to choose from. For example, we currently offer 25 colors of Panne Velvet for our popular Rein, Chest and Rump Barding. This allows for literally hundreds of possible color combinations that otherwise would not be available. Our Unicorn Horns now come in 8 different horn sizes with a variety of optional trims. By offering custom items, you have the opportuniy, fun and sense of accopmlishment of designing and putting together your very own ensemble.

If you are planning to order something for upcoming events, we highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible as we need time to make your costume before shipping it out. Standard service time is around 2 weeks, but we do offer Expedited Services and Express Shipping for last-minute orders.

Newsletters and Updates on New Products and Sales

Because there are only two of us handling all aspects of the business, please excuse us if we are little slow in updating our blog and sending out newsletters. The best way to stay updated on new products is to subscribe to our blog feed or "Liking" our page on Facebook.

Customer Service

Because of our need to wear many hats in the running of our business, our schedule is not confined to conventional work hours. We therefore do not offer customer service by phone at this time. If you have questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions, Shipping Information and Expedited Services pages which cover almost all common questions. Please also read product descriptions thoroughly. This allows us to focus on completing and shipping orders as quickly as possible since many are time-sensitive.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. Don't be surprised if you receive a response in the evening or late at night when we happen to be working at the computer.

Regarding Production & Pricing

We are not a retailer that acquires finished products at wholesale, and filling an order is not a simple matter of pulling items off a shelf and packing them up for shipment. Each item we sell is the result of several hours to several days of manual work — drafting, cutting, sewing, crocheting, sculpting, etc. Therefore, the cost of our products reflect the time as well as cost involved in the making of each item.

The trade-off of numerous custom options (the result of many customer requests) is that each item must be made according to your selections after you place an order, which takes time. To see the current standard and available expedited service time for that item, scroll to the bottom of a product page and click on the "Service Options" menu.

Prices are subject to change without notice. If the time and cost of production of an item change in any way, the pricing of products will change accordingly. Due to the many components and materials required to make each item, price changes occur with pricing fluxuations at our varoious suppliers.

When We're Not Working

All this work allows us to pay our bills, buy books, save up for pursuing post-graduate education, and maintain our musical instruments so that we can study and practice during our slower seasons. In our leisure time we enjoy watching period dramas and reading classic literature such as the novels of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, and our designs are very much affected by the quaint charm of these works.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit with us today.

A Note on Historical Integrity and Authenticity

If you are a historical reenactor, please note that we make no claims of historical authenticity in our designs. Our costumes are designed for recreational purposes and the fulfillment childhood dreams based in fairy tales, myths, fantasy and whimsy. Our costumes are not intended for serious reenactment or heavy activity such as jousting and were originally designed with ponies in mind; however, due to many and frequent requests for larger options, we have made most of our designs available for horses of all sizes.

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